; Little Pirates and Super Hero fundraiser supporting the Neonatal Trust!

Little Pirates supporting The Neonatal Trust

In aid of The Neonatal Trust which is close to the hearts of many premature children and their parents. This year our Little Kickers and their Coaches took part in a dress-up weekend of hearty football fun, casting off their Little Kickers football strips and exchanging them for some very interesting costumes.

The children played a bounty of pirate-themed games, including kicking "cannon balls", sinking "ships", collecting "treasure" on imaginary "desert islands", swimming amongst imaginary "sharks" (or "coaches" as we usually call them!).

We would just like to say a very hearty thank you to all the parents who created some awesome costumes, and all the children who let their imaginations run wild....and of course, as always, our dedicated Coaches for being such good shipmates!

So far, our Little Pirates have collected treasure in excess $700 for this brilliant cause.

Thank you everyone and well done!

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