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This is where we’ll keep you up-to-date on any Little Kickers news, as well as stories from the wider world of football, sport, parenting, child development or anything else that catches our eye and we think you’d find interesting. You’ll also be able to read our blog here, so please check back regularly.

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Why do kids find it hard to concentrate?

Why it’s difficult to get a toddler to concentrate read more...

Learning with Lenny


The Story Behind Football Project Little Kickers

Direct from the Telegraph, UK


Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive


An interview with the CEO of Little Kickers!

Here is a great interview with our CEO Christine Stanschus! read more...


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The home of pre-school football, Little Kickers.

Attention all Little Kickers!

Make sure you watch this video before reading the rest of this secret mission: Learning with Lenny secret Mission.

Football Highlights

Sibling Rivalry

It’s rare for a family with multiple kids NOT to have at least some experience of sibling rivalry.  We have recently entered into the stage of bickering on top of the usual fighting. I checked the definition of the word and yes, the boys definitely bicker:Bicker - verb - 1. To argue about petty and trivial matters. read more...

Method in our madness

There is always a method to our madness. We create games that hold creative and imaginative elements in abundance. That being said, they will always have a focus, whether that is a particular football skill or social skill will depend on the game. We understand the skills can be difficult to spot as we hide them well. So, step into our world...


Nurturing Children in Football

A leading football coach, who believes in "nurturing" children as young as two, has been invited to tell the FA how to develop a successful England national side.


Learning with Lenny

Lenny the Lion (the Little Kickers mascot) has recently arrived in New Zealand and decided to share a cool game to help us (and him) with his shooting! Challenge someone in your family and see who will win our target practice game!


Frozen Banana Pops

With the warmer months fast approaching we spoke to head chef Bryan Haramoto to create us a fun tasting treat for kids to enjoy in summer.


Benefits of Sport

On the fence as to if you should sign your child up for a team sport? You should - and here's why! 


Gary Lineker: Pushy parents

Pushy parents screaming abuse from the sidelines are killing their kids’ love of football read more...


The Internet is awash with viral videos of the rich and famous dousing themselves with buckets of ice cold water to raise money for charity, but why are they doing it? What’s the motive behind the movement?


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